Your first appointment is usually a visit where your consultant will take a detailed history of your problem and any relevant past medical history. You may find it helpful to bring a list of important dates and medications to help things go smoothly. You are likely to have an examination of your abdomen and also an internal (vaginal) examination. If any other procedures are needed at the time, your consultant will fully explain these beforehand to obtain your consent.

After your first visit a detailed letter will be sent to your GP. We normally aim to get this letter to your GP within a few days.

You may find it helpful to bring the following

  • A list of important dates in your past medical history
  • A list of current medications
  • The date of your last period (if relevant)
  • Your insurance membership and authorisation numbers (if appropriate)

Please do not hesitate to ask your consultant any questions at your visit. You may require tests after this first visit following which you will have ample opportunity to discuss your results with your consultant at a follow-up appointment.

Generally speaking we see most patients following a referral from their GP, however under certain circumstances self referral may be possible. Please contact the appointments office at Spire Norwich Hospital on 01603 255614