We firmly believe in a team approach and use this to benefit patients in appropriateness of consultant care and the speed with which you will be seen.

Unless you are attending one of our well woman checks your GP is likely to have referred you to us for our opinion and possibly ongoing management. If your GP has specified a particular consultant then you will be booked into that consultant's soonest available clinic. If it is felt that your problem could be more effectively dealt with by another member of the team or requires urgent attention you will be offered this option.

We have found that these arrangements ensure your care runs as smoothly as possible. If at any stage you feel that you wish to see a particular partner please contact the appointments staff on 01603 255 574 who will be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

The team approach also is of benefit if you are an inpatient. Your operation will be performed by the consultant who has arranged the procedure. For the majority of cases we find having a consultant partner assisting helps with the efficiency and safety of the operation. This is a rarely found benefit in private practice for which we do not routinely charge.

Our strength in numbers as a team also means we are better placed to negotiate for operating space, thus reducing wait times for operations too.